Shoots with:
A Canon Mark II 5D

Favorite Pizza:
Hawaiian (pineapple & ham for days!)

Current Location:
Phoenix, AZ for the winter! But I travel a lot, and I love to see new places and fresh faces!

Currently Watching:
Stranger Things Season II


Shooting like I give a damn Since 2015

Welcome. Thanks for taking the time to check out my humble site (I also have Instagram and Facebook too!)

I pride myself in shooting like I give a damn. And what that means is for me to take the time to get to know YOU. I'm not throwing you infront of my camera and just pressing the shutter. You're going to tell me how you want to be photographed and I'm going to listen. Because if I listen to you, I will know you. And when I know you, I'll be able to capture YOU and what you're going for in my images. I shoot images that are honest, real, contemporary, and capture emotion.

So whether you're a senior rocking the last year of high school, or an Instagram star looking to further your branding prowess, to someone gettin' hitched and needing you and your beloved to look great, we should talk. Really.

I'm a citizen of the world, so distance does not matter when it comes to your shoot. I will be in Phoenix, Arizona this winter, and will list my 2018 travel schedule in the coming weeks. In the mean time, let's start the conversation: