Welcome one and all to my humble little site. After a year and a half-ish of being an official photography business, I've reworked and rethought this website and my offerings to get it just right for you, my beloved audience. I've been working feverishly to get this back up and going so that you could see what I'm doing on the daily in a brighter and more encompassing scope. After getting bombarded with requests and questions about what I photograph to how I do it, it made me realize that I had to take a step back and re-approach who I, Dahli Durley, was, and what Dahli.Durley Photography was going to be about. 

What started as a borderline-occasional side hobby of posting smartphone images on a quirky personal Instagram account has quickly and unexpectedly flourished into a fulfilling career that allows me to express my own creative eye and pursuits for you, my audience, on various platforms that lets you follow my photog-journey. 

So take a peek, look around at my photos, ramblings and pieces, and feel free to reach out and tell me all about it. Enjoy!