Adventures in Mood and Editing

It's important to take departures from what we are asked to do into what we WANT to do and explore. I needed to take some time to play with the effects of mood with color tones. It all begins with asking yourself one simple question: What story am I trying to tell? Wardrobe, physical posing, eye contact, facial expression all play a huge role in storytelling, and the editing in post-production add the finishing touches. Being more moody and dramatic? Use less color and darker tones (blacks, blues). Trying to give off a friendly mood? Pair a smile with saturated tones and brighter hues (reds, oranges). Thanks to model John Neumann for his time and wardrobe. 

Josh Neumann021.jpg
Josh Neumann008.jpg
Josh Neumann004.jpg
Josh Neumann048.jpg
Josh Neumann025.jpg
Dahli Durley