I had the honor and privilege to speak at this year's TedxFonddulac event in Fonddulac, WI. My topic wasn't related to photography at all. In fact, I spoke up about assault and domestic abuse happening in public, shared some personal stories from both the side of the public and of the victim, and tried to help people feel empowered to say SOMETHING or do SOMETHING if they found themselves in such a situation.

 Though I was anxious and nervous ( like, VERY NERVOUS  i.e. sweating, nausea, shaking hahaha), it was worth every one of the 18 minutes I was up there. The flood of people that came forth afterwards wanting to share their own personal experiences as witnesses and victims gave me hope: that people WANT to talk, and that they NEED to talk. I had anyone from high schoolers to middle aged men to 80 year old women coming up and sharing with me their own personal experiences, thoughts and feelings about these kinds of events. I want this talk to be a conversation starter because people deserve to be respected. They deserve to be protected. And we should all feel empowered to speak up and tell someone when enough is enough.


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